Richard Scott, Sketching on Location, UCLA Extension Landscape Architecture Program

Sketching on Location

** Enroll now for Early Bird Pricing! ** Students will learn how to sketch accurately from observation using Richard Scott’s innovative seeing and sketching method. Subjects will include architecture and landscape. Students will learn in the classroom as well as outdoors through guided practice, and one-on-one instruction. The lesson plans will be focused on helping each student break through barriers so that he or she may tackle any subject matter with confidence.

Specific learning outcomes will include:

  • How to draw anything with excellent accuracy
  • How to see with the eyes of an artist
  • How to apply emotion to select and sketch compelling subjects
  • What separates artistic expression from merely copying

This no-nonsense course is appropriate for anyone who wants to sketch manually or digitally (the thinking process is exactly the same).Beginners will find method easy to understand and can apply it to gain immediate results. Experienced professionals will find that this method measurably improves their ability to sketch with greater accuracy and emotion.

Richard E. Scott is an artist, architectural illustrator, and licensed landscape architect. His work has won multiple awards, and has appeared in numerous art and design magazines. He has taught at the College of Environmental Design, at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and continues to teach workshops throughout the United States. Richard’s aim is to share his passion for drawing and sketching with others so that they can produce finer work and gain more enjoyment from their experience.

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¤Sat 9am-4pm, Sep 20 & 27
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