UCLA Extension Landscape Architecture Program

Post Graduate Certificate in Landscape Architecture

Licensing FAQs

What kind of credentials do I earn after completing the Landscape Architecture Program?

The program provides a graduate with a Certificate in Landscape Architecture (not a degree). Completion of the program and receipt of the certificate indicates that the applicant has fulfilled the educational component required for eligibility to sit for the licensing exam (Landscape Architecture Registration Exam or LARE) in the State of California. For more information about licensure in California, contact the California Architects Board, Landscape Architects Technical Committee in the Department of Consumer Affairs. www.latc.ca.gov

Assuming I complete the program and obtain a license from the State of California, would I also be able to practice in other states as a landscape architect?

In some cases that is possible. Interested candidates should check with the regulatory agencies in the state(s) being considered. Generally, many states accept requests for reciprocity from a licensed landscape architect in California with a Certificate, who is also CLARB Certified (certified by the Council of Landscape Architects Registration Boards). In these cases, the national licensing exam (LARE) would not be repeated, but the candidate might be required to fulfill other requirements, for example passing the supplemental exam that is required by that particular state. There are many states that require a degree in Landscape Architecture, and even though you might be licensed in California, the Certificate in Landscape Architecture will not fulfill that requirement. There are many permutations related to eligibility for licensure, so it is best to verify the requirements with the state licensing board in question.

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