LADWP now lists on their website landscape templates for anyone interested in CA friendly landscapes to use…for free!

Each template includes a planting plan, a plant image and care instruction page and an irrigation plan.

These templates were created in partnership with Selva International, Surfrider Foundation, UCLA Extension Landscape Architecture alumni Patricia O’Connell and Elisabeth Miller Weinstein and our very own Program Director Stephanie Landregan among many others.

Here is an example of one of the templates.


Here is the link to the LADWP website  to check out the other templates they have listed.

The templates are hard to find but follow these directions and you will be able to find them. From the main website click the “about us” tab in the upper right-hand corner
Then click the “Water” tab. Once there click the “Water Conservation” tab on the along the left side of the page. Then just below the water conservation tab you will see “Documents” towards the bottom of the list. Click “Documents” and you will see the list of different templates to choose from.