UCLA Extension Landscape Architecture Program

Post Graduate Certificate in Landscape Architecture

Yvonne English

Yvonne English

Instructor Biography:

Yvonne received her professional landscape architecture certificate from UCLA Extension. She is the founding principle of LLAP, Inc., a landscape architecture and landscape construction (C27-785523) company. Her multiple roles grant her hands-on experience in all facets of landscape design, including preliminary design, site planning, planting, irrigation, lighting and water feature design, construction drawings and specifications, construction support and LEED-sensitive design. In 1995, Yvonne began training as a lighting designer with Bill Locklin, the inventor of landscape lighting & founder of Nightscaping. Her abilities expanded in 1997 and 2003 as she attended several workshops presented by Janet Moyer, the renowned expert of landscape lighting. In 2008, she attended Janet’s 5-day professional Landscape Lighting Institute in Troy, New York. Her construction company, Legends in Landscape has designed and installed lighting systems for the past 14 years. Yvonne started her professional career as a software engineer. Engineering has a powerful influence on her design final solutions. She imagines how to light a space, and then performs the multiple calculations required to make the system perform as designed.


What Students are saying:

I felt [Yvonne] was outstanding especially for being assigned the class only a few weeks prior to it’s start. Her presentations were thorough. Compared to previous instructors, I think she has higher expectations for the quality of work and effort given by students. I appreciated that extra push. Her feedback to students was truthful, not harsh, helping us learn how we can improve.

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