UCLA Extension Landscape Architecture Program

Post Graduate Certificate in Landscape Architecture

Steve Davis

Steve Davis photo

Instructor Biography:

A professional landscape architect since 1980, Steve has divided his work equally between private and public practice. As a principle of The Oak Collaborative, he specialized in parks and habitat restoration. At the City of Los Angeles, Steve managed the Landscape Design Group of the Architectural Division of the Bureau of Engineering. To further public education in landscape design, he serves on the Board of Directors of the Conejo Valley Botanic Garden.

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Instructor Statement:

In over thirty years of practice, I have enjoyed the opportunity to design as well as plan check for public agencies the work of others. In the real world, I found planting design to be the weakest area of landscape architectural practice. Many students in our program are motivated by a strong connection to the natural world and a love of plants and that motivation needs to be nurtured through the demanding years of study. In a single quarter, the Planting Design class must teach students to recognize and manage the conflicts between land stewardship, appearance, cost, maintainability and the public’s health, safety and welfare. My primary goal is to inculcate an understanding that planting is the foundation of landscape design and not merely a detail.

What Students are saying:

A real life walking and talking encyclopedia of plants. Funny. Organized. Fair in grading. Flexible. Early and available. Punctual. Everything you would want in an instructor and I don’t say that often.

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