UCLA Extension Landscape Architecture Program

Post Graduate Certificate in Landscape Architecture

Shelley Bonus


Instructor Biography:

Shelley Bonus is a writer, astronomical historian and lecturer, and an award winning performer, and photographer. She travels around the world giving Astronomy Lectures on cruise ships once a year, and is currently the Session Director of the Mt. Wilson Observatory 60-inch Telescope. In 2012 Shelley completed work a project at Caltech, in the capacity of science educator /writer, as part of IPAC Team. The International Astronomical Union named Asteroid 10028 BONUS after Shelley, and she received a NASA Group Achievement Award for her exceptional work as an astronomy educator and curriculum writer.  She has written an award winning one person show called “The Transformation of Natalie Normal,) as well as special material for Lily Tomlin. She most recently played a libidinous French woman in the Melvin Van Peebles’ film, “Confessionsofa Ex-Dufus-Itchyfooted Mutha,” which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, and created and performed the “Janet Planet Show Planetarium Shows and Lectures,” as well as the “Blast Off With Space E. Tracy TV Show.” Shelley also recently wrote “The Planetary Guide” for the movie Quantum Quest, on behalf of the Planetary Society which was started by Carl Sagan. As a writer, artist and Renaissance woman, Shelley has been educating UCLA Extension Students since 1989 in subjects as varied as “the art” of giving professional presentations, How to Create a One Person Show, Intro to Astronomy, and “writing” for Landscape Architects!

Instructor Statement:

I’m a writer. Words are as important to me as the air I breathe. The ways in which we think about words, organize and use them fascinates me, which is why I always look forward to teaching Landscape and the Imagination: Writing about the Landscape.  I love helping students learn how to choose and use the words that will best communicate their designs and what they want to accomplish as landscape architects, as they work to home in on their Thesis Project, and clarify their “Big Idea,” via research, and the thought provoking and always fascinating process of writing.

What Students are saying:

I love, love, love this woman!!! She is an exceptional teacher! … I’d take any other class offered that she was teaching.

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