UCLA Extension Landscape Architecture Program

Post Graduate Certificate in Landscape Architecture

Sheila Thomas


Instructor Biography:

Sheila Thomas has over 30 years professional experience as a landscape architect and a multidisciplinary project manager with a professional emphasis in planning, design and management of large multi-disciplinary projects.  Ms. Thomas has held lead roles for both government agencies and the private sector on Planning, Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Transportation (port, airport and ground access) Economic, Financial, Environmental, and Public Involvement projects.  She has managed projects from initial concept planning through construction administration.  Over the past several years, Sheila has focused on international projects in China, the United Arab Emirates, India and South Africa. Her current project focus is on strategic land use and sustainability planning within the aviation and airport planning sectors.


Instructor Statement:

My style of teaching is to present multiple ways to achieve the same or similar results.  This approach is similar in philosophy to under scoring the difference between giving a hungry person a fish and teaching the hungry person how to fish.  Particularly at the intermediate level, my courses are intended to be like taking you on a fishing trip.  At the end of the trip, you should not only be left with some fish, but you should be able to go on to new places in the future and fish for yourself. The goal is not just to give you all the answers but to teach you how to find the answers.

What Students are saying:

Sheila is extremely knowledgeable and was willing to go the “extra mile” (and then some) to help us through any problems we might have including emails, phone conversations, etc. to help me understand the material.

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