When Cal State Channel Islands needed some pro bono help in developing an early visioning concept for a New 6000 seat Sports and Multi Use Events Center, they asked Francisco Behr AIA , UCLA Landscape Architecture Design Instructor and President of Behr Browers Architects to assist them.

Francisco was approached because he has a reputation as one of the areas best site planners and architects. He has been responsible for the design of  a number  of large scale developments in his community like The 32 acre  Dos Vientos Town Center, The  100 acre Seventh Day Adventist Regional Commercial Center and the 30 acre Westlake Park Place Center. He also has experience in designing campus plans for institutions like Cal Arts and The Master’s College in Santa Clarita.

At Cal State Channel Islands he is working directly with the President’s office in putting together a package of exhibits that will assist the Development Staff in promoting and soliciting funding for this much needed facility.

Francisco‘s  initial suggestions took the project from a single building to a full campus sports complex. His ability to think outside the box allowed him to explore alternatives that questioned the siting and orientation for the new Center in the long range Campus Plan. His creative recommendations resulted in a superior layout that increased the operational effectiveness of the building as well as improving the overall pedestrian connectivity to other sport venues and to the main campus.

” I always look for ideas that lead to unexpected results. I frequently find that trying something completely different and outside the obvious leads to a deeper understanding of site and program and opens up a whole new range of options and opportunities that would otherwise remain hidden.”

“In this particular project I knew that the problem was not about designing the new facility, it was instead about siting it correctly and arranging everything around it to maximize the quality of the public space. This is one of the most important principles that I try to teach my students. I believe that Landscape Architects need to think about creating properly sized and connected spaces and that in order for them to do that they need to learn to arrange and organize not just plants but also buildings.” 

“Even though I am an architect I am very excited about what Landscape Architects can and should do. That is why I enjoy Teaching in this program.”