(L to R) Stephanie Landregan, Program Director, Elisabeth Weinstein, Reid Freiheit, Patricia O’Connell, Brian De Paz, Teresa Revis, Meg Coffee (instructor), Donna Wieczorkowski, Patrick Reynolds (instructor), Helaleh Behbahani, Stacie Preven, George Havai, Katherine Montgomery

This past weekend, December 5th and 6th, the Capstone Studio students presented their final projects among fellow students, instructors and special jurors from landscape architecture firms in the Los Angeles area. Each student presented their project in a variation of the Pecha Kucha style, which was 20 slides at 20 seconds each, our students used 25 slides. This type of presentation style keeps presentations concise, fast passed and keeps the audience engaged. After the presentation there is about 15 minutes where the audience can ask pointed questions or make comments on the presentations.

juror and students











Dean Howell of Gruen Associates discusses Veterans Village project by George Havai

The students did a great job! Projects ranged from; parks built on top of highways, to creating access to locally grown food, to developing a Veteran’s Village in Northridge. In addition to the presentation, Capstone Studio students are required to create a book that delves a deeper into their projects. Once the books are turned in, approximately 2 weeks after their presentations, they will have officially completed the Landscape Architecture Program. Images from each students project will then be available to view on the Student Projects page.

Congratulations to the Fall 2015 Capstone Graduates

Elizabeth Weinstein











Elisabeth Weinstein presenting her Capstone project Dominguez Crossing