As you settle into the program, I want to take a moment to go over some general information about the program and course procedures.

Dropping/Withdrawing from a course:

If you are not doing well in a course and are considering dropping/withdrawing, there are a few things you will need to do to make sure you do not receive an “f” grade in the class.


  1. Notify your teacher, this is important so that they know to record a “w” for your final grade, which does not affect your gpa on your transcripts.
  2. Withdraw from the course. You can do this online via your student portal or call registration and they can assist you (310) 825-9971. If you do not withdraw from the course, your instructor will assign you a letter grade based on what you have completed or turned in up until the final exam is assigned.
  3. When considering dropping/withdrawing from a course, know that you will not get a refund for any money if it is after the refund deadline. That being said, it may benefit you to remain in the class and gather as much information about the course, since you have already paid for it. Just remember to withdraw from the course before the final examination.


Incompletes are at the discretion of the instructor and are only granted for unforeseen life emergencies (death in the family, medical emergencies) they are not a means of getting extra time because you fell behind, and are not to be used to improve your grade in the class after the quarter has ended.

Early Enrollment:

As the Landscape Architecture program grows in student enrollments, it may become more challenging to enroll in a course and you may find yourself on a wait list. To avoid this problem, the program office encourages you to enroll as soon as you can.

The program office starts cancelling classes, due to low enrollments, 1 week before the quarter starts, so again, if you plan on taking a class, sign up asap otherwise the course may no longer be available.

Refund Policy: 

The Landscape Architecture program’s refund policy is –  the day before the 2nd class meeting for a 9-12 week course (minus a $30 administration fee) This is also the deadline for transferring into another class. If the class is 6 weeks or less, the refund deadline is the day before the first class meeting.

Candidacy Card:

The Landscape Architecture program is in the process of phasing out the program’a candidacy card you all receive in your welcome packet. In lieu of this candidacy card we encourage certificate students to obtain a guest Bruincard. The guest Bruincard is only available to students enrolled in a UCLA Extension certificate. Access to main campus libraries, student discounts, membership to recreational facilities on campus(extra charge) are some of the benefits of having a guest Bruincard. To find out more about the card, visit the UCLA Extension page here.


Starting Summer 2017 quarter, all advising will be done in person. The program office will no longer offer advising over the phone or via email, this is especially true the first week of the quarter. Since the Landscape Architecture program is a sequenced program, it is very important when advising that we have the whole picture of your course history and what your plans are going forward. This is extremely hard to do with any amount of accuracy over the phone or at a moments notice. Please take the time to sign up, when the advising schedule comes out each quarter. These appointments are meant to be done once a year, however if you are not on sequence, fail a course, or forgot to enroll in the required course, we recommend you come in the following quarter to make sure you get back on track asap.

As always if you have any questions, feel free to contact the program office at 310-825-9414.

Good luck this quarter!