At one time or another, being a Landscape Architect, Landscape Designer or Architect, you will be involved with water in some way or another. Whether it be a pond, fountain, swimming pool or spa, this introductory class into the workings of aquatic construction and design techniques will be invaluable to you and your clients.

In the “water industry” there are numerous individuals who profess to be knowledgeable about design and construction; many of these individuals have based their credentials on false credibility. You, as the designer/consultant, on these projects must be well versed in all areas of this specific type of construction, rather than relying on the sub-contractors that, in reality, has very limited design and/or construction background.

This class will teach you how to understand the numerous phases of construction: understanding soils, geology reports and structural engineering, excavation and foundations, proper forming, hydraulics and plumbing, shotcrete, interior pool finishes and state of the art, alternative sanitation systems, which are associated with this area of specialized construction.

All licensed contractors, in the State of California, must post a bond with the California State License Board; however the cost of a pool contractors bond is more than 400% greater than any other trade, except roofers. This is due to the number of failed pools, spas and fountains in California.

A special class presentation will discuss and document “construction defects” and what you, as the designer/consultant should be aware of. Remember this: “When fixing a pool, it’s not about moving a few studs and drywall—-its jackhammers and tens of thousands of dollars in repairs—-“

– David Tisherman, David Tisherman’s Visuals

Design and Construction of Water Effects for the Landscape Industry

X 495.61 Architecture 4 units
From the wonderful pools and ponds of the Alhambra and the 3,000-year-old pools at Masada to the Ancient Greek spas of Hadrian and therapeutic pools at Pergamon, water has been used to convey beauty and peacefulness and many of these ancient creations are still functioning today. So why do the greatest number of construction defects in California involve water in one form or another? This course presents an in-depth study of what every landscape designer needs to know about design detailing and how to identify proper construction of water features. Topics include water in transit, hydraulics, soils and geology, structural engineering, and cementatious finishes, glass tile, and more.

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Westwood: 208 Extension Lindbrook Center
Thu 7-10pm, Sep 26-Dec 12, 12 mtgs
(no mtg 11/28; 1 mtg to be arranged)
David R. Tisherman, Principal/Founder, David Tisherman’s Visuals, Inc., a watershape design/build firm based in Manhattan Beach. An internationally renowned pool and spa designer, David Tisherman has been called “the Frank Lloyd Wright of the pool industry.”

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