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“Ephemeral Park and Wildlife Sanctuary” by Julia Newton

This project redesigns a closed, remediated landfill for habitat restoration, community recreation, and renewable energy production. It embraces the major constraint of the site — a subsiding, shifting ground plane — by mimicking the movement of the topography, and using program elements that are temporary, ephemeral, moveable or recyclable. It is a metaphor for landscape […]

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“Reclaiming the Public Realm” by Daniel Guimera Sr.

Reimagine fragmented cities and neighborhood through a design blueprint for healthy communities to reclaim the public realm, and improve mobility and connectivity. Urban cores within these neighborhoods will comprise a more livable, walkable and vibrant city. UCLA Extension Landscape Architecture Thesis Presentation. Instructors Patrick Reynolds & Eileen Alduenda.  

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“District Branding” by Tamara Lipscomb

District Branding is the concept of transforming urban areas of viable industry into vibrant, unique districts that celebrate culture, commerce, and life. Branding poses the opportunity to connect industry networks into having recognizable boundaries with legible cohesiveness. A branded design will reveal the natural beauty of a district’s character. UCLA Extension Landscape Architecture Thesis Presentation. Instructors […]

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“Play Along The Way” by Chiara Goitein

A plan that brings the sense of wonder and joy of play to urban environments to enhance a sense of place and improve the day-to-day experience. The transformation and connection of streets, parkland, and remnant spaces by infusion of art, color, light, and natural elements creates vibrant, walkable, and more sustainable communities. UCLA Extension Landscape Architecture […]

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“The Long Beach Pollinator Greenbelt & Environmental Academy” by Shawn Maestretti

Blending the edges of community and greenway to solve environmental problems and improving habitat quality and quantity, while connecting people to nature. UCLA Extension Landscape Architecture Thesis Presentation. Instructors Patrick Reynolds & Eileen Alduenda.  

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UCLA Extension, Landscape Architecture Program

Fundamentals of Exterior Lighting returning in Fall 2014

If you have not had a chance to take this amazing class before, be sure to see if it fits into your schedule for Fall 2014 here at UCLA Extension Landscape Architecture Program! This course surpassed my expectations. The skills learned will be invaluable to our work life. Yvonne brought light to our lives with […]

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Richard Scott, Sketching on Location, UCLA Extension Landscape Architecture Program

Richard Scott is returning to UCLA Extension for Sketching on Location at the end of Summer Quarter!

Sketching on Location ** Enroll now for Early Bird Pricing! ** Students will learn how to sketch accurately from observation using Richard Scott’s innovative seeing and sketching method. Subjects will include architecture and landscape. Students will learn in the classroom as well as outdoors through guided practice, and one-on-one instruction. The lesson plans will be […]

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