Scholarship application time is around the corner! February is the month.

For CLASS fund  submit to Stephanie Landregan, the UCLA Extension Program Director the following  information, due February 28, (digital is fine), to  Deadline is firmly midnight of Feb. 28.

  • Your contact information and year in the program
  • Photo
    Provide a 300 ppi (pixels per inch) color photo, size 4 x 6 inches in .jpg format. It should be a head shot with a plain background in which you are looking directly at the camera. UCLA Extension retains the right to use any photo submitted in celebrating CLASS fund awardees.
  • Bio for the CLASS Fund Website (150 word max)
    Provide a short bio in PDF, or Microsoft Word.. In 150 words or less, describe your background, current educational pursuits, future plans, and any other personal interests or activities.
  • Resume (2 page max)
    Upload your resume or CV in PDF format. It should include your education, professional experience, extra-curricular activities, and honors and awards. Please include Applicant Name/Resume/CLASS Fund and page number on each page.
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
    Letters must come from current professors who are familiar with the applicant’s character and goals in pursuing an education in landscape architecture. Provide the e-mail address for each recommender.
  • Essay (2 page max)
    Upload your original essay in PDF format. Describe your aspirations, ability to surmount obstacles, high level of drive, and need for financial assistance. The essay should be no more than two pages with margins of at least 1”, 10-point or larger font, and no images or graphics. Please include Applicant Name/Essay/CLASS Fund and page number on each page.


Our students have won many of these scholarships, although no one last year applied! So let’s get back in the limelight and bring some of this scholarship cash to your pockets and UCLA Extension!

Here are the links:

Landscape Architecture Foundation

Scholarships you are eligible for: EDSA, Rainbird and Peridian (do not worry about the “undergraduate” designation)

For Women in the field: AWA+D Scholarships Deadline is Feb or March